This page lists and describes the main series of posts available through this blog. Each series goes into depth in one specific domain.


Open recursion (function)

A dive into a nice technique to do dynamic programming and preserve the nice looking recurrence formula from being obscured.


Open recursion (data)

A dive into the recursion schemes known as Catamorphism and Paramorphisms. Through this series, we discuss how we can separate concerns between the traversal of an AST and the operations we can perform on it.


Code your own QuickCheck

In this series, we go over the process of building our own QuickCheck implementation, which we name RapidCheck. The goal is to get insight on how such Property Based Testing library works:


Building a Clojurescript game

In this series, we discuss how to create a first Clojurescript game, using only Reagent (wrapper around React) and SVG. The series go through the creation of the game, step by step, until the game is done.

You can play the game at this link.


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