My name is Quentin Duval. I have been a software developer for almost 7 years now, doing mostly C++ at work, and mostly Haskell and Clojure at home.

I enjoy programming, writing code, solving problems, exploring trade-offs, reading code from others, or simply fooling around with crazy code experiments.

And I absolutely love functional programming. I discovered it through Haskell, 4 years ago. The beauty, elegance and simplicity of this approach of programming amazed me, and still amazes me today. Functional programming has forever changed my way of programming, whatever the language I use, including C++ or Python.

This blog is attempt at sharing some of my thoughts on programming, some of my experiments, and ultimately some of my passion with you, in the hope that it will entertain you, serve you or (even better) help you in your desire of being a better developer.

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