Meetup Report: Kata night

Two days ago, I went at a Crafting Software Meetup at Arolla. The goal was to join other developers and improve our skills as a group by practicing kata. A large majority of us were debutant. So after a difficult start on an exercise that was definitively out of our league, we decided to play... Continue Reading →

Accumulating your merge sort

In the previous post, we described an elegant algorithm that allows to stable sort a container based on fold (also known as std::accumulate or reduce). To make it simpler, we implemented it in Haskell and used it to merge lists. The subject of today's post is to: Implement this algorithm in C++ Make it work... Continue Reading →

Folding your merge sort

Back in September 2016, I was lucky enough to attend a talk from Ben Deane entitled std::accumulate: Exploring an Algorithmic Empire. In this talk, he presents the unknown possibilities of std::accumulate, an algorithm also known as fold or reduce depending on the language. The arguments were already quite compelling... then came the slide in which... Continue Reading →

Meetup Report: The philosophy of FP

Yesterday, I attended a meetup at Arolla, where Arnaud LEMAIRE (@lilobase) did a wonderful talk on the philosophy of Functional Programming. You can find the slides of the presentation here. The presentation was an introduction to the concepts behind Functional Programming. It went over the pillars of FP, one by one, before concluding with practical... Continue Reading →

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