Traversals and lenses

Following the amazing keynote of Eric Niebler on ranges at the CppCon2015, there has a been a lot of discussion on ranges in the C++ community. Ranges are an amazing tool to add to the STL. I am starting a series of post to introduce some useful higher order functions that go hand-in-hand with the... Continue Reading →

Meetup Report: Kata night

Two days ago, I went at a Crafting Software Meetup at Arolla. The goal was to join other developers and improve our skills as a group by practicing kata. A large majority of us were debutant. So after a difficult start on an exercise that was definitively out of our league, we decided to play... Continue Reading →

Accumulating your merge sort

In the previous post, we described an elegant algorithm that allows to stable sort a container based on fold (also known as std::accumulate or reduce). To make it simpler, we implemented it in Haskell and used it to merge lists. The subject of today's post is to: Implement this algorithm in C++ Make it work... Continue Reading →

Folding your merge sort

Back in September 2016, I was lucky enough to attend a talk from Ben Deane entitled std::accumulate: Exploring an Algorithmic Empire. In this talk, he presents the unknown possibilities of std::accumulate, an algorithm also known as fold or reduce depending on the language. The arguments were already quite compelling... then came the slide in which... Continue Reading →

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